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Epic of Serinor Manual

Downloads and Files

Official Game Downloads:
  • Final Serinor 1.0 Build (13 January 2008)
    The only current "full" version of Serinor, this is the final copy of the game before work started on the system overhaul to turn it into Serinor 2.0. This release gets the player right up to the cusp of completing Act I. With eight races recruitable, only the Lukosians remain to befriend before the heroes must delve into the mysterious threat to Serinor.

  • Year 2.5 Update Release (5 March 2007)
    Yet another updated version, this time including the entire continent of Amin. Though several areas are still incomplete, it's a fine showing of the game. I estimate a good 10-12 hours playtime. Possibly more.

  • Three Month Update Release (5 December 2004)
    An updated version of the initial release that showcases the work that has been done and the direction the game design is taking. Fixes a large number of bugs in the original as well as replacing nearly every single graphic, sound, and gameplay element from the first. It's still Serinor, but the way it should have been from the start.

  • Initial Beta Release (5 September 2004)
    The initial beta release of Epic of Serinor, the one that wooed enough people to make the game into what it is today. I'd recommend against downloading this particular version, as it's really, really bad compared to what is now available. Though it makes for an interesting comparison.

Developer/Beta Version Downloads:
  • Current Dev Build
    Current developer's copy of Epic of Serinor. This is very much a "play at your own risk" version of the game. No guarantee is made that it is bug free or that time spent playing won't be spent in vain (I think I've only corrupted save data once, but I know I've made changes to Elves requiring them to be started from scratch probably a half-dozen time.) That said, if you want the most up-to-date copy, this is what you're looking for. Updates come irregularly, but typically once a month at the very least. Check the included changelog.txt file for the most recent changes, or head over to the Developer's Log.

Serinor Art Files:
  • Human Character Artwork
    All of Gayo's Human sprites. I'm sure Gayo wouldn't mind if you used them so long as you asked nicely and gave him credit for them. That's about all I had to do.

  • World Background Watercolor
    A full-size version of Sanguine Sunrise's watercolor for Serinor's overworld battle background. Well, actually more of a standard-size version that's suitable for desktop backgrounds everywhere.

  • Fishing Background Watercolor
    Again, one of Sanguine Sunrise's watercolors available at 1280x1024. This time it's the pond from the fishing game's background. Very tranquil.

All contents copyright 2003-2004 Benjamin Eldritch