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Epic of Serinor Manual


Ability Scores

STRENGTH: A character's physical power. Affects the attack bonus a character receives from his weapon, as well as the effectiveness of abilities that are considered physical attacks (Frenzy, Blade Dance, etc.).

VITALITY: A character's general health. Affects how many hit points a character gains upon leveling up. Also affects the defense bonus a character receives from his armor.

AGILITY: A character's speed and dexterity. Affects the attack and defense bonuses a character receives from his weapon and body armor. Also affects action order during combat rounds. Many thief-related abilities, such as Sneak and Steal, have their effectiveness increased by a higher Agility.

WISDOM: A character's total knowledge. Affects a character's critical hit rate. Also increases the effectiveness of spells and magic point gain on level up for classes whose magic stat is Wisdom: Psionicist, Samurai, Bard, Ravager, Alchemist, Ninja, Sage, and Biblomancer.

PSYCHE: A character's centeredness and spirituality. Affects a character's resistance to status ailments. Also increases the effectiveness of spells and magic point gain on level up for classes whose magic stat is Psyche: Cleric, Priest, Paladin, Druid, Ranger, Shaman, Beastlord, and Sage.

WILL: A character's willpower and strength of character. Affects a character's resistance to magical damage. Also increases the effectiveness of spells and magic point gain on level up for classes whose magic stat is Will: Wizard, Deva, Earthlord, Firelord, Sealord, Skylord, Arcanist, Necromancer, Dreadlord, Sage, and Enchanter.

Composite Attributes

POWER: Listed in gray as a percentage bonus with the character's base Attack. Power is calculated as the sum of the character's Strength and Agility after those attributes are modified by the attack bonus percentages from the character's weapon. The bonus from Power is added directly to the character's Attack value, which is listed in the status menu and all shops.

(For example, a Paladin with a Strength of 70, an Agility of 30, and an Attack of 20 is equipped with a short sword [50% Strength/50% Agility]. His Power would be 50% [70*50%=35, 30*50%=15, 35+15=50], so his calculated Attack would be 30 [20*150%=30]. This bonus would be larger if he used a weapon that put more focus on his higher Strength attribute.)

ABSORB: Listed in gray as a percentage bonus with the character's base Defense. Absorb is calculated as the sum of the character's Vitality and Agility after those attributes are modified by the defense bonus percentages from the character's body armor. The bonus from Absorb is added directly to the character's Defense value, which is listed in the status menu and all shops.

(Our Paladin from before is also wearing plate mail (90% Vitality/10% Agility). His Vitality is 50 and his Defense is 50. His Absorb would be 48% [50*90%=45, 30*10%=3, 45+3=48], so his calculated defense would be 74 [50*148%=74]. Increasing his Vitality will have a large effect on his Defense.)

FOCUS: Focus is the effective power of the character's spells. All spell-casting characters have a base Focus of 100%. Focus is calculated as a percentage of the character's Magic attribute equal to their primary magic statistic, modified by the weight of the character's body armor. Focus is applied as a bonus or penalty to every spell the character casts.

(For example, our Paladin [a Psyche-caster] has a Psyche of 50, a Magic of 20, and his plate mail [20% Focus penalty]. His Focus would be 88% [20*50%=10, 100+10=110, 110*80%=88]. All of his spells would be cast at only 88% efficiency, noticeably weaker than normal.)

Faction Standings

Each character has a specific faction standing with each of the 10 races that inhabit Serinor. The initial ratings for each of these standings is based on the character's race. Normally, the party is considered as a coherent unit, and the party's faction with any given race is the average of the standings of all party members. The effect of the various faction values can be defined as follows:

  • 0-3: Party will be attacked on sight
  • 4: Merchants will not deal with the party
  • 5: Merchants will buy and sell at inflated/reduced prices
  • 6: Merchants will offer the party standard prices
  • 7-10: Characters will join the party at hostels

Every race offers 3 quests that can be completed to raise a character's faction standing with the entire race by 1 point per quest. Each quest can only be completed once by any given character. If a character's faction reaches 10, he becomes a legend to that race and will be eligible for an additional quest.

Maximum Spell Level

A large number of classes in Serinor have access to various spells. Depending on the class, the maximum level of spell available will grow according to one of four rates. The classes are divided as follows:

Purist Casters: Priest, Psionicist, Druid, Earthlord, Firelord, Sealord, Skylord, Alchemist, Shaman, Arcanist, Necromancer, Enchanter
Special Casters: Bard, Deva
General Casters: Cleric, Wizard, Sage, Biblomancer
Hybrid Casters: Paladin, Samurai, Ranger, Ravager, Nightblade, Beastlord, Dreadlord

Spell Level Purist Level Special Level General Level Hybrid Level

In addition to these level requirements, the four generalist casters have an additional ability requirement to access higher levels of spells. The actual ability score checked is the relative magic stat of the class in question.

Spell Level 1234 5678
Magic Stat Required 15304560 7590100-

Party Statistics

Some statistics are based on the party as a whole.

STARTING EXP: Any character who is brought into the party with fewer than this number of experience points is immediately brought up to this total. The check is made not when the character is recruited at the hostel, but when the character is actually moved from the hostel into the party. So even if a character was recruited long before and the party has adventured much while their ally waits in the hostel, the dormant character's experience will be brought up to this point.

MAXIMUM LEVEL: This is the highest level to which the any character can rise. A character can gain up to the number of experience required for one level above the maximum, but does not increase in level and does not accumulate further experience points. The party's maximum level rises by 5 every time a new race is recruited into the party, up to a maximum level of 50.

CURRENT PARTY LEVEL: This is the average level of all characters in the active party. This number is used in a few important calculations, such as how much experience will be earned for defeating a group of enemies, or what items will be available in certain random areas.

BIND: The party's bind point is where they will return if the entire party is defeated or a Return Gate effect is used. The bind point is normally set at Hero Shrines.

EFFECTS: This is a full listing of the names and descriptions of the group effects granted by specific classes. These effects are permanent and in constant effect as long as the related class is in the party. If more than one character of the same class is in the party, the strength of their group effects stack up to a point equal to a level 50 character of that class.

PARTY'S FACTIONS: These are the average of the factions of each individual character in the party and are what people outside the party will actually base their reactions off of.

SPELLBOOK: A full listing of all the spells available to the party. Any spells the party buys from a shop are added to the group spellbook and are available for all characters to use, even if the entire original party is no longer active. Spells are divided first by class (Psyche, Wisdom, Will), then by school, then by level.

All contents copyright 2003-2007 Benjamin Eldritch