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Eldritch Thoughts

Vacation Plans

Out of the house and onto the drive
Into the car, we値l wave our goodbyes
When we pull away I値l feel so very alive
And so very in love

And so we値l head out, put all plans aside
Setting a course by neither reason nor rhyme
辰ause what better way is there to spend all our time
Than by being in love

Clear skies above and open roads before
Traveling to nowhere by your side ever more
We値l get passed by people who don稚 know they池e poor
Next to me because I値l be in love

We値l bask in the sunlight, let moonlight caress
Starlight and twilight and all of the rest
Dazzled and blinded I値l rejoice to confess
Oh yes, I知 in love

Stopping by small towns, resting there for a spell
Laughing with strangers, hearing stories they値l tell
Sleeping with you in those roadside motels
With you and in love

Through all these places together we値l roam
Embark side by side on to places unknown
Until at last we値l turn weary toward home
Still then I値l be in love

And so it ends, we値l leave the road behind
Finish our journey that neither reasoned nor rhymed
But still by your side myself I will find
Oh, by you, my love