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Eldritch Thoughts

The Kingdom of Lionell

The Kingdom of Lionell (1.03 Mb .zip File)

Screenshots of the original and the updated games.

Okay, here it is. One of the first games I ever created revamped and updated to something so much better it barely resembles the original in many aspects. Make sure to read through the readme.txt, particularly the part about the controls. You won't make it through the game unless you know how to fire your crossbow.

Also, I need a couple of things from you. Firstly, I want you to go through everything you can, just to make sure it all works. Standard playtester kind of things; do your worst to try and break the game. Secondly, this is a puzzle game, and it's hard for me to gauge the difficulty and play time since I know all the answers. So I'd like you to complete the list of tasks below and tell me both the reading on your play clock (bottom of the space bar menu) just before completing the final item on the list, and how many times you trapped yourself and had to restart from a saved file. Now, the list of required tasks.

  • Craft 99 Wood Bolts.
  • Obtain the Tinderbox (chest in Lionell Inn).
  • Restore power to Gibral Village.
  • Enter Eastern Forest/Talk to Mayor of Mayoria.

A note on that last one; the path splits at the end of the demo, and either of those two actions will end the game. So check your play clock just before completing whichever one you end up heading towards or the game will end and you'll have to do it over again to get the play time. Of course, I'd like you to go down both paths just so you see everything and have a chance to break everything.

But really, just let me know if it's at all fun or not. Well, fun might not be exactly the right word. Challenging is probably better, but challenging in a good way. Not impossibly difficult. That's bad. But you get the idea.