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Eldritch Thoughts

How Long?

"Let go of your hope," is the message I hear
Whispered through still twilight air.
"What place has your hope in a world filled with fear
And with people who just donít care?"
So I listen then turn away
For I fear this dark wonít give way to day.

"Let go of your love," says that voice I abhor,
Hounding me through time past recall.
"Replace it with hate, for you know to your core
That she cares for you not at all."
I try not to hear, but itís chanted so loud
In the voice of an uncaring crowd.

And how long can an eagle soar through these black skies?
How long can a wolf rest in peace?
How long can a tiger evade all the eyes
That hunt him for sport without cease?
In a world whose own children just donít seem to belong,
How long could love last anyway? How long?

Then the skies start to clear,
And the whispers retreat from my ear.
For in her Iíve found strength to declare,
"I love! I care!"

"Forever Iíll love!" I shout back without fear.
"Forever Iíll cling to my hope!
Take your despair, I just wonít even hear
And now blindly through night will not grope.
Even if night hangs forever above,
With her by my side then forever Iíll love."

And how long can an eagle soar through clear skies
While a wolf far below rests at peace?
And how long will a tiger stalk the fear-filled eyes
That once hunted him without cease?
In a world whose own children proclaim they belong,
How long might hope last?
How long will our love last?
How long?