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Eldritch Thoughts

Eldritch's Hoard

Eldritch's Stories and Other Lost Treasures

Sometimes, I get the urge to write something that isn't part of the ever-evolving storylines of Eldritch Thoughts. Be it a stand-alone story or an essay--serious or otherwise--I don't want to have to confine the creativity I have to a single outlet. So I guess I'm admitting in advance to capricious changes of heart and disinterest in my main project. So be it.

I also reserve the right to update or revise anything posted here. While I do my best to make sure Thoughts is as close to final draft form as I can make it when it's posted, the writings here are often submitted in a sort of "working draft" form. I especially enjoy feedback on what you read here, since most of it is probably being infrequently revised or expanded by me anyway.

New writings and updates will be posted on the news page and be moved into the collection of links below.

Alone - A simple drawing done totally on the computer in the span of about an hour and a half. I intend to write a short fiction that goes along with it. Someday.
(Posted 10/17/03)

Break-Up - Shy before, shattered after; an internal monologue.
(Posted 3/3/03)

Gaia Lake - The Gaia Hypothesis in action. Long live Mother Earth.
(Revised 3/3/03)

The Gnomes and Their Kin - A broad overview of the physical, societal, and spiritual nature of the gnomes and related species, the dwarves and the halflings. Part of the Iridescent Dreams universe.
(Posted 5/9/03)

How Long? - A sort-of love song.
(Posted 1/22/04)

Kitten - Prose poem, and what's good poetry if not about love? Or is that just the sonnet? Is it even possible to have a prose sonnet? Hmm...
(Posted 8/11/03)

Logo - Details on my second attempt at drawing. This one's my avatar, Eldritch the Bookwyrm, as you see him at the top of this page.
(Posted 10/13/03)

May Day! - This bit of fun uses the Circle of Scorpion characters but doesn't actually have a place within the continuing story, so I put it here.
(Posted 5/1/03)

Meditation - A quick study on description and adaptation. Inspired by an indoor pool.
(Posted 3/17/03)

Open Diary, 8/5/03 - Reposted by request of the one extolled within. I was remarkably surprised she even noticed its brief absence.
(Posted 8/5/03 ... duh)

People's Exhibit A - This one amuses me simply by how frightening it is.
(Posted 3/3/03)

Quixada's Revenge - My own personal attempt at the Latin American genre, realismo mágico. Bilingual English/Spanish. You have been warned.
(Posted 6/6/03)

Scorpion's Portrait - A portrait of Scorpion from Circle of Scorpion. My first public attempt at art. I may put together an actual page for him someday.
(Posted 10/13/03)

Story Starters - Various summaries/trailers to stories that I'm never going to write. Help yourself. I'd love to see what people do with these.
(Posted 6/5/03)

Vacation Plans - A song I used to pitch a vacation to my girlfriend. It was actually a remarkably easy sell.
(Posted 1/22/04)

Voice - I can't see it as right or wrong; I can only see it as sad.
(Posted 4/1/03)